All the Pieces of the Puzzle


Radiation Oncology is a highly specialized field.  Each member of the team is skilled and unique and must fit together like pieces of a puzzle to create a picture of health and pain relief for the cancer patients.  The radiation oncologists, medical physicists, dosimetrists, nurses, and therapists all perform their roles supported by the administrative and front office staff.  These roles are complex and depend on one another.  From the doctor prescribing the radiation to the dosimetrist creating the plan to the physicist assuring the plan will be delivered as intended to the therapists running the treatment, it is very important that all these pieces fit well together for the benefit of the patient.


Atom Physics Staffing specializes in Radiation Oncology.  Every facility has different needs and offers different treatment types.  It is important to match the skill sets of our professionals with the services offered by the facility.  Whether you are a rural facility that treats every cancer type or a large institution who needs a cutting-edge specialist, we can match you with the right professional in radiation oncology.


Those of us in the field know that we are a black box to the rest of the medical profession, and we find a lot of value in in our years of experience in this calling.  Every step of the process has checks and double checks.  Any single mistake or oversight is unacceptable.  Knowing radiation oncology inside and out sets us apart from the other staffing agencies.  We know the right questions to ask both the facilities we serve and the personnel we interview.  Let us know how we can serve your entire department today.