Radiation oncology departments need to be flexible to meet their patient needs. We schedule around patient’s availability, replan when needed, juggle appointments when the Linacs go down, and cover each other for PTO.  Each role in the radiation therapy department is singular and specialized.  Most departments have only one or two professionals in each job category, so it can be a real burden when someone leaves or is unexpectedly out for an extended period of time. Being flexible brings strength to the department and to patient care.

At Atom Physics Staffing, we pride ourselves on being flexible with our clients and staff.  We want to provide the best customized service to fit your department.  Our typical locum assignments start at 13 weeks, but there’s nothing magical about 13 weeks!  We can provide coverage for as little as a few days up to many months. If you are trying to make a permanent hire, we can provide coverage until you find your permanent employee.  Our typical contract asks for 30 days’ notice when you are ready to transition out of the locum contract.  That gives you enough time to onboard a new person and get them trained at your facility.


In addition to our nimble locum contracts, we offer creative staffing solutions that meet your department needs and are often more attractive for the staff as well.  We can provide ‘on-demand’ remote support in some positions, either during clinical hours or off hours (to save money).  No PRN physicist or dosimetrist available in your local area? We have staff that can support you remotely.  You pay only for the hours you need.


Our hybrid physics contracts are customizable to suit your needs.  Our flat monthly fee is based on the number of days you want someone on site and how many hours of remote service you need when they’re not on site.  We work with you to come up with the best plan to fit your needs and then can revisit once the work starts to fine tune the contract.  We don’t make you fit into our system, we fit into yours.


Let our flexibility be your strength. Whether you are a radiation oncology professional looking for work or a radiation therapy department in need of our flexible service, please contact us and help us redefine how radiation oncology departments deliver care.