Imaging Technologists

Imaging Technologists doing tests on patient

Imaging technologists are essential to hospitals. These positions require different certifications and can be hard to fill.  We provide staff in x-ray, CT, MRI, Nuc Med, US, Mammo, and Interventional radiology technologists. Whether you need a short-term contract to fill a temporary leave of absence or a longer contract to cover your facility’s needs, we can help.

A career in imaging can be a special one.  Atom Physics Staffing is pleased to offer travel assignments for those people itching for a different lifestyle.  We have connections with companies all over the country who are in need of experienced imaging techs.  If you are interested in changing things up in your life and are looking for a rewarding travel assignment, let us know!  We offer competitive rates and can pay more if you want to handle your travel and lodging yourself. Radiation is our business, and we are here to help.