Summertime in Radiation Therapy

Summertime makes me think of radiation therapy.  Patients are lying down sometimes only covered up with a towel while the linear accelerator tans their skin with radiation.  Therapists make announcements like lifeguards blowing their whistles when their patients are misbehaving (moving).  Physicists and dosimetrists are like the parents who have painstakingly planned this whole trip and brought all the necessary items. And at the end of it, the patients are left with just a few things for their scrapbooks and sometimes their wallets a lot lighter.

Well, maybe radiation therapy is no trip to the beach, but summer brings all kinds of things to the radiation therapy department, so it’s best for you and your facility to be prepared.  At Atom Physics Staffing, we can help cover summer vacations and trips to conferences, family leave and honeymoons.  We provide locum services for our clients for sometimes as short as one week, and we’ve covered physicists and dosimetrists who want to spend more than a month back home with family in other parts of the world.  Summer also brings the new grads and freshly minted board-certified physicists and dosimetrists, and we can help with the job shuffling and gaps that inevitably happen.

Contact us to find out how we can help with any of your department needs.  We can provide highly customized solutions (locum, hybrid, or remote) to help optimize your budget.  All our staff are thoroughly screened and vetted by our experienced radiation therapy professionals.  Enjoy the sun, and make sure you wipe the sand off your feet before coming inside.