The Fairly Odd Physicist

This may be shocking news to you, but physicists can be a little odd.  Being odd isn’t necessarily a bad thing in itself.  In fact, whenever a patient or staff member asks me about my long somewhat unruly hair, I always tell them that you want your physicist to be a little strange – that’s the way to know you are getting good physics.  😉

But there’s a difference between endearing and exasperating.  And it can be hard to tell which one you’re interviewing. The key to hiring a physicist is to find someone who is allowed to be their own (possibly) weird self, but not in ways that alienate the rest of the staff in the department.


Physics by physicists!

At Atom Physics, all of our candidates are vetted by a small team that I lead. And that same small team manages the contracts. After interviewing hundreds of physicists over the years and managing many contracts, we have gotten very good at picking out the good ones and politely declining the ones who are maybe just a bit too odd.  I know we do a better job than most folks in HR or staffing agencies that have had only passing contact with a physicist or two over the years.  And in the rare case where we do end up with a mismatch, we’ll make it right and find a replacement.

Radiation oncology departments also have distinct personalities, often based on the physician’s working style.  The pace, staff and the location of the department can also have an impact on the culture and day to day feeling within the department.  We have seen that a physicist may fit in well in one place and not in another.  We are here to meet your radiation oncology needs with physicists and dosimetrists that will match well with your department.

Don’t go it alone! Let us help you find a great fit for your department. We win when everyone is happy.